The Reader (that means you!)

psalm139Mark Twain is quoted to have said that he never let schooling interfere with his education. This seems rather wise since even the most illuminating subject can be reduced to dead theory in the hands of a poor teacher. In the same way, I implore you to never let a mediocre experience of religion, church or religious people stand in your way of pursuing your glorious God-given destiny. The God who made you is not small, distant, simple or dull.

His name is imprinted on the whole of creation- from the mighty rings of Jupiter, to every shrub and flower ever to grow upon the Earth, to the rays of the Sun and its complex perfect combination of gases, to every spectrum of light in every known and unknown Universe, and the uniqueness of every pure glowing Snowflake that has ever fallen.

Most important of all, his name dances upon your heart, through the blood keeping you alive, and over every fibre of your soul, calling you and imploring you to remember who you are. You were not a mistake or the product of chance. You were made for a reason, out of love, imagined into existence by a beautiful God. You were made for more than to pursue the pleasures of this world for a fleeting finite moment. You were made to live forever in eternal joy with the one whose name is love.

If you stop and think about it, you already know it. Your heart whispers the beat of an eternal song. You KNOW there’s more than this. If all your years of schooling, church tradition and dead religion have not yet brought you face to face with the greatest storyteller even known, then maybe it is time to look beyond this world and enter the divine.