The Characters


Five facts about Livi Teeson Starling:

  1. I like writing my name over and over again.
  2. I’m reasonably skilled at imitating animal sounds.
  3. The biggest lie I’ve ever told is that I’m a famous writer in Japan.
  4. In a crowded room, I often count how many people there are and guess who’s going to die first.
  5. Although I have no memory of her, my mother is my most favourite person ever.

-page 9, In Search of Livi Starling


My sister is quite antisocial. I wouldn’t call her embarrassing as such, but I’m certainly the cool one. If I could have any superpower, I would like to be able to fly. Jill would just like to be invisible.

-page 17, In Search of Livi Starling

rubyRuby Rico

Ruby is my best friend. Well, my only friend, but whatever.

-page 9, Being Livi Starling


He seemed to have exchanged his old life for nothing at all. It’s like he walked out of my heart one day and has been drifting around in a void ever since.

-page 88, In Search of Livi Starling

aunt-claudiaAunt Claudia

She keeps a field of sheep and frequently sends parcels of frozen lamb in the post. She says it’s a brilliant timesaver because by the time it arrives it’s defrosted and ready to cook.

-page 9, In Search of Livi Starling

violetViolet Rico

Violet may look like a normal teenager (except for her bright red hair which makes her look like she’s on fire) but, underneath it all, she’s a zealous little shrew who listens to every word you say and writes it all down in a navy blue journal so that she can remind you of it later.

-page 27, In Search of Livi Starling

ms-sorensonMs Sorenson

I kind of wish she was my mum.

-page 159, Livi Starling Loves

kittyKitty Warrington

Kitty Warrington is the coolest girl in school. We were sort of friends for a day but it didn’t last.

-page 13, Being Livi Starling

annieAnnie Button

Some of Annie’s phobias: worms, fireworks, fish eyes, garden gnomes, toe socks, moustaches, the pi button on her calculator and the word ‘lush.’

-page 73, Livi Starling Loves


It’s not that I fancy him, as such; I would just rather like it if he fancied me.

-page 116, Being Livi Starling


His real name is Mr Lester. If he was an animal, he would be a scarab beetle. He’s slightly nicer than a regular beetle but you still wouldn’t want him in your house.

-page 37, Being Livi Starling


Not only was Caroline MacBrodie the new new girl, but she was a much better new girl than me.

-page 32, Livi Starling Loves

eddiesummerSummer & Eddie

According to Ruby, they are two of the coolest people at King’s Church.

-page 52, Being Livi Starling

sharonSharon Sheppard

Sharon Sheppard introduced herself with the words, “I won’t beat around the bush. If you can’t stick a finger in a guinea pig’s nose then you’re not cut out for this course. Who wants to go first?”

-page 22, The Flight of Livi Starling