Fourteen year old Livi Starling is convinced she’s destined for something great. She just doesn’t know what it is yet.

Join her through this very British coming-to-faith teen series as she grapples with life, love, faith and the truth of who she really is.


The Livi Starling series is available in paperback and ebook from all your usual book outlets including Eden and Amazon (or Amazon if you’re in America!) and selected bookstores.

What people are saying…

“This is one of the best books I have read for a really long time and I have already bought the sequel!” – Premier Youth & Children’s Work Magazine

“The books are brilliantly written. The author is so creative that even her whimsical fictional reality TV shows or social media sites sound more fun than real ones. Highly recommended for young teens. And 35-year-olds apparently!” – Woman Alive Magazine Book Club

“Well written in a contemporary style and understanding of a young person today. This book would be an enjoyable read for any teenage girl.” – Together magazine, UK

“These books had me laughing out loud. Some of what Livi faces as a new Christian is exactly what I went through as a teenager. The down-to-earth honesty of what it’s like to be a teenage girl trying to work out her identity in the midst of chaotic family life and friendships at school is helpful for teenagers, parents and youth leaders alike. You can even lend them to your friends who aren’t Christians because they’re that funny!” – Livy Gibbs, Newday

“Livi reminded me of myself struggling with unanswered questions growing up and even now. Reading this book has helped to encourage me to show my own faith in God more.” – Beth

“I quickly fell for Livi Starling. She’s a very real, humanly flawed character, trying to figure out who she is, and who she wants to be… It’s a very honest portrayal of the uncertainty of faith, and Christianity from the perspective of a teenager.” – Amazon customer

“My son read all the Livi Starling books in about 3 weeks flat. He really enjoyed them, he even read them rather than playing on his pad! It gave us a good chance to discuss lots of life issues and issues about being a Christian and what that means to other people.” – Tray

“Livi Starling is a wonderful character. There are many laugh out loud moments (I was constantly being asked what I was laughing at by my family!) and there are some real tear-jerking moments in there too.” – Amazon customer

“This book is definitely something I would recommend, and I think any teen asking the same question as Livi should pick this up- it might just point them down the right track for the answer too…” – Lily (12)

*Support your local Christian bookstore as many of them are stocking the series but, if no Christian bookshop is nearby, any good bookstore can order them in! 🙂